“Friendship between a Lamp and a Book”

Reading a book does not gives us a good feelings all the time, but if we read a book in a perfect environment  it can make our feelings better than everything.

Lamp and Books. Dhaka, 2016.

A tiny light doesn’t looks always good but when it comes through the lamp it looks well.

Those people who like dark and reading is their hobby, it will be a heavenly feelings for them to read a book from that light which is coming through the lamp. And If a person from a bookish group in an empty dark room and theirs a lamp and a few books, from my perspective no one can’t be happy more than that person.

When I was at school books was my most hated stuff. Most of the time when I tried read a book I felt repellent, but nowadays I feel totally opposite.

At my childhood I always dislike that person who gives me any kind of books. But in recent time, I become the most happiest person if someone give me a book and say this book is interesting, Hence, I thought you may like this book, so that I bring it for you please read and share  your opinion with me when you have done.


Books, Dhaka, 2016.

My favorite writer is ‘Samaresh Majumdar’ I can still remember that moment when I done his first book I felt like ‘drinking a glass of chilled water at the hot summer’ and I say wow, how a person can write so well? where was I? why I didn’t start his book before?. I guess I was start my journey from that night. My lifestyle became changed after started that journey, from the beginning of the journey my lamp was my most trusted friend.

This lamp always be in a ready mood,
To make a perfect atmosphere to change my mood,
When I became busy with a heavy book.