“Six Strings with a Box make Beautiful Rhythm and Love.”

Who doesn’t love to listen to music? Music can change our mind very smoothly and a guitar is a major instrument for music.

Nowadays, many people want to be a musician, and playing a guitar is their most favorite instrument in the early stages.


Playing, Six Strings with a Box.

People like music and want to play guitar but do not have any idea how to play them, they don’t even want to do any hard work and learn. For those people I would like to say that they can easily make music through a guitar. Just they have to pick a guitar and touch its strings, it will make a music from its own.

Those words actually doesn’t belong to any logic, but for me logic doesn’t matter. I believe in my own logic doesn’t matter if anyone believes it or not.

From my childhood, guitar was my most favorite musical instrument and gradually it became my passion. I bought my first guitar when I was at school after that I never had one. So, it was my first and last guitar. After bringing that beautiful curved box with harmonious strings to my home I tried to play it many times, but I failed. I still can’t play one till today.

Broken String. Dhaka, 2016.

My heart breaks with each and every string nowadays, whenever I see any of my friends or neighbor playing a guitar like an expert. I don’t feel broken anymore, ever since I took that box and move my finger on each strings, when any kind of sounds is being ready to come through that box, and those sound touch my ears. At that moment a little smile appears on my face brilliantly.

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