“Public library can be our Home”

Palash, want a library at his home. He started to buy lot’s of books most of those books are story books. When he told his father that he want a library at their home his father became very happy. He smiled and said “I’ll help you my dear boy”. his father bought lot’s of books for his baby boy. When Palash started to read those books he didn’t get interested on any of those books. They were very boring for him. He tried again and again but he didn’t feel any better.
Nowadays he has a library at his home but he doesn’t want to read, maybe because of the collection.
Christmas, Dhaka, 2016.
Dhaka, 2016.
Days going on, winter is on.
Days become smaller, night become longer.
But he have nothing to do, he can’t go outside because of the cold.
And he has nothing to do at home.

One day Palash was sitting on his balcony, suddenly he noticed a boy is coming wearing a big fat sweater, covered his face with a monkey cap. Fog is everywhere and the little boy came through the fog. His appearance became bigger with every step.

Hello Himel, its you my dear friend, I was very scared! hows your day?

“Hihihi” Himel started giggling and said “dear I’m feeling like a bird in the open sky and I want to feel the whole sky, how are you, hows your day going on?”

“Ohh dear don’t ask about me I feel like a cold fire. I have nothing to do, I want some delicious books to change my mood”, replied Palash.

“Then lets visit public library, it may change your mood.” said Himel in reply.

After they entered the library Palash felt warm at his heart and it lit just like a thousand watt yellow bulb on his head, and that place smelt like his favorite book. Palash smiled and said “I like this place, It can change my mood”. He took a book from the thousands and when he started reading he felt like he is at his home, at his room, on his bed covered by his favorite blanket. He smiled again and said public library can be his home and he is very glad to have a home like this.

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